Essential Guidelines On How To Successfully Finger A Woman

How to masturbate a woman's pussyDuring sex, it is best to perform foreplay using the fingers, tongue, mouth or other sensitive body parts. However, it is always preferable to stimulate a woman using your fingers. You must try to provide orgasm to your partner and the fingertips are one of the best methods for stimulating her vagina. The vagina can be rubbed with oil which will act as lubrication for the area and it is always a good sign in case she creates her own lubrication. While fingering you need to take adequate measures not to cause her any pain or sores and in this article, we will mention several powerful techniques to finger a girl and make her squirt.

1. Keep it tidy

You must not make the lady feel uncomfortable while you finger her which will definitely ruin her orgasm. On many occasions, men have forgotten to wash their hands before fingering their partners which have led to infection or nasty rash the next day. Therefore, always remember to wash your hands with soap prior to fingering your woman and also ensure that your fingernails are free from dirt. Apart from this, you ought to cut your fingernails since, otherwise, a woman might get a cut inside her delicate vagina which will cause her lots of pain and discomfort.

2. Know her clitoris

The clitoris is the most vital part of female genitalia. Begin to gently manipulate this sensitive organ using your index fingers as soon as she is lubricated. Use your saliva to wet her clitoris and rub in a gentle circular motion. Adjust your speed according to her reactions.

3. Hit her G-spot

You need to insert two or more fingers inside her vagina and move the fingers in a “come here” motion. The G-spot is located near the belly button and if you can stimulate it properly it will provide your girl with immense sexual pleasure.

4. Rubbing

Rubbing the clitoris is one of the essential techniques to arouse a woman. Make sure to properly lubricate your fingers before rubbing her. You will be able to understand the amount of pleasure that you are actually providing her by listening to her groans and moans while you’re doing this activity.

5. Making it faster

Every woman prefers variations during the sexual act with their partners and you need to make some variations while rubbing. An effective way to satisfy your woman would be to increase the speed of your rubbing techniques. The majority of the ladies prefer fast-paced love making, however, be sure that she is in the right mood before you start stimulating her with your fingers.

6. Don’t neglect other techniques

Most males concentrate only on fingering since they try to satisfy their partners by using this technique only. As a result, they tend to neglect other techniques to stimulate their women. It is best to caress or kiss other sensitive body parts also while fingering your girl. This will help her to reach orgasm easily and quickly.

These above-mentioned tips are only guidelines and you are free to use your own personal techniques to please your partner. Just be sure to observe her reactions while you try to stimulate her which will aid you to adjust your techniques accordingly.

Essential Tips To Increase Semen Volume

cum more on women's buttThere is hardly any man on the planet who does not crave for sex. In fact, one can enjoy much better sex in case he is able to increase the volume of his semen. Most of us do not have any idea regarding large ejaculation since we are used to what we already have. However, there are several ways to produce a large ejaculation and in this article, we will mention some essential tips on how to increase the load you ejaculate.

1. Although many individuals are addicted to smoking and also consuming alcoholic beverages, they are unaware of the fact that these are detrimental to their health. Apart from restricting the flow of blood to the penis, several harmful chemicals including nicotine also reduce the semen volume. They are likewise responsible for damaging the sperm. The production of testosterone in our body is affected adversely by the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, it is imperative for you to quit these unhealthy habits in order to enhance your production of semen.

2. We should try to avoid wearing any tight outfit. Whenever we put on some tight clothing particularly in the crotch area, there is a generation of bodily heat which can impede our sperm count.

3. Several supplements are available on the market such as zinc oxide, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed and so on. We should supplement our diet with these products since they are capable of enhancing our semen volume while we ejaculate. It is suggested to purchase specially blended supplements which contain all the ingredients mentioned above.

4. While we sleep, our system is able to the recover from all the exhaustion that we faced during the day and we feel rejuvenated. Every organ in our body including the sexual organs is able to function properly once again. Consequently, getting adequate slumber is vital for increasing the load you ejaculate.

5. It is also imperative to drink sufficient water since most of the seminal fluid actually consists of water. If you remain dehydrated, it will affect the production of semen adversely and will consequently prevent you from getting sexual pleasure. Therefore, make it a point to consume adequate water for increasing your sperm production.

6. Always try to remain fit which will definitely enhance your semen volume. Keeping fit will assist in proper circulation of blood which is essential for a large semen load.

7. Our sperm production is affected by our diet to a large extent. Always try to consume food items such as green vegetables and whole grains which are rich in protein and also low in fat. A proper diet will certainly keep us healthy and sexually satisfied.

Apart from all the above-mentioned tips, you may also do the following:

1. Masturbating frequently will make your semen less dense and, consequently, you should try to stay away from frequent masturbation.

2. Extra weight on your stomach will create an imbalance between the testosterone and estrogen levels. Therefore, make it a point to lose that excess weight.

3. It is best to have sex in the morning since your sperm levels are highest at this time.

4. Meditation on a regular basis will help to calm your nerves and also assist in the overall bodily functions. Therefore, start meditating for increasing the load you ejaculate.